Sunday, January 30, 2005

Campaign comes together

It's been a good week on the campaign front, with a number of campaign activities coming together:

- Leafleting across a large swathe of the electorate continuing, and some good feedback from people who have received it.

- An evening spot on Chinese Radio talking about our campaign, and attempting to explain in easily translatable form, what "social democratic values" are.

- Our first foray into central Howick to hand out leaflets and engage in some meet and greet.

The wander around Howick went really well. You always get the odd bit of niggle at these sorts of things, but by and large people were perfectly polite and happy to look at a leaflet. People, even those who identify themseleves as conservative voters, are quite plainly happy to see a candidate actually doing a bit of old-fashioned ground work. I had a good friend, Arna with me which made the whole affair quite fun.

We nearly bumped in to BCIR campaigner and Independent candidate Steve Baron actually. My partner Julie and her Mother were having lunch in Howick earlier on in the day and were leafleted by Steve about half an hour before we began. I have to say that even though I find many of his ideas nutty and reactionary, it's a credit to him that he's prepared to front up to people face to face and run a proper campaign. If last time is anything to go by, he will be the only right-wing candidate to actually get off his backside and do some real face to face campaigning.

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Anonymous said...

Just perused his website you linked to. Seems perfectly sane to me. What policies are nutty?