Friday, January 07, 2005

Take a Break

I am heartily sick of the whinging ballyhoo from those on the right who object to folk who work on statutory holidays receiving penal rates, and justifying the surcharging practiced by some bars and cafes. See DPF's post and associated comments for an example.

It's a prime example of the complete disconjunction between the amoral market fetishism of the right, and the values of ordinary working New Zealanders. Wheras the National Party of yore would have understood the importance of social institutions like family, religous and cultural traditions, the collective experience of heading to the beach/bach wherever on our public holidays, this bunch simply see the disincentives to trade that penal rates are, as impediments to the operation of perfect market signals.

They just don't get it. Our society is made up of people, not just price signals.

Also, I wonder when retailers will begin charging a surcharge on days when a staff member is sick, and they are required to pay them sick pay, and pay a casual to come in? They won't??? Maybe that means that meeting the needs of your staff is an ordinary part of doing business that you factor into your operations...


Jordan said...

I don't mind paying a surcharge but I do wonder why it doesn't apply for all the other costs businesses face - or why prices don't fall when costs are reduced. Then I remember the reason - most people who run businesses don't agree with the ranters on the right, but are too busy actually working to say so.

Greg Stephens said...

If they don't want to pay their staff extra then what does it actually say about those people?
The market fetishism has gone too far in this country.

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