Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Making the NZ Breakers Look Amateurish

The Katherine Rich affair is astounding. While National Party cheerleaders like DPF simply comment on the whole business as "very very sad", it is far more than that.

It is in fact political ineptitude of the most amateurish kind. In a mediocre caucus of 27, you need every hand on deck, particularly in an election year in which your back is to the wall. When you are a political party who's prospective ministerial ranks are still filled with discredited figures from the 1990s, you need people like Katherine Rich who have some basic political appeal.

Given that, why would the leader of the National Party not, when making a controversial speech covering Rich's portfolio area, sort something out with her in advance? Here's one "I support all of the principles outlined by Don today, and look forward to getting down to the detailed policy work that will flesh those principles out into specific initiatives".

I would have thought that National Party strategic supremo Murray McCully who masterminded National's past two barnstorming election campaigns could have come up with something like that.

Before Brash thinks about running a country of 4 million he should have a little think about running a caucus of 27.


Nigel Kearney said...

It's an honest disagreement about policy. Let's put this in pespective:

Dover Samuels: fired for hiding his criminal convictions
Annette King: allowed her ministerial car to be used to transport illegal drugs
Ruth Dyson: drunk driving
Helen Clark: forgery and destruction of evidence
Clark and Cullen: revealed confidential information to influence the share price of a public traded company
David Benson-Pope: falsely accused an opposition MP of using a racial epithet
Lianne Dalziel: pants on fire

I'm sure I missed a couple. These are all (or were) Cabinet Ministers. It is in fact political ineptitude of the most amateurish kind.

michael wood said...

Of course you are correct in saying that some individual Labour MP's have been disciplined for various transgressions.

This situation is different - it is a political crisis created by inept leadership, that has led to the loss of the 5th most senior MP.

There are "honest disagreements" within the Labour caucus, and most other caucuses I imagine. However, other parties have sufficiently experienced and/or competent leadership to sort out such disagreements inhouse.

span said...

i'd just like to point out Phillida was Alliance not Labour. just like Paid Parental Leave and Kiwibank :-P