Monday, April 18, 2005

Lazy and Shallow

Span has written about the failure of the Maori Party (MP) to as yet produce any proper body of policy. In fact, it's worse than that, Tariana Taria has gone on record as saying that the MP doesn't actually have any intention of producing key policy platforms to take to the electorate as Labour has with our 'credit card' promises over the past two campaigns.

She brilliantly explained this away by saying something like "well the tuis in the forest don't need to have election promises". True as that may be, I haven't come across many Tui's lately who are running for public office and want to be paud $100 000 per year to put in place policies that effect the lives of four million people.

This explanation is plainly arrant nonsense and is in my view simply a cover for the fact that the MP is having difficult job putting together a comprehensive and meaningful policy platform given the diversity of interests represented within the Party. Well unfortunately, that's politics - all parties have to contend with internal differences, and I believe that the public deserve clear indications as to what a Party they elect to government may do.

For all my recent criticisms of National's recently announced policy, they are at least being open and honest about the havoc they would wreck!

The Maori Party owes its supporters more.


Oliver said...

Damn right, the Maori Party really sounds like New Zealand First, except it admits it has no policy and didn't make the mistake that Peters and Morgan made in 1996 of promising not to ally with National!

Greg Stephens said...

It must be incredibly tough for them to go "what is the Maori view of this?" when clearly a number of issues will not have a Maori spin on them, instead reverting to the old left-right idea.
Also, Maori self-determination is not a left idea, nor is it a right-idea. They have too many people from differing perspectives in their party to formulate policy easily.

michael wood said...

I agree Greg - the MP clearly has a wide spectrum of views within its camp.

That's not necessarily a problem, in fact, it can be quite healthy in my view. However when it comes to election time you need to establish some clear policies so that voters know what they are getting!

Graham Watson said...

Self determination is more associated with those on the freedom right. It is similar to personal choice and accountability in many respects, and with autonomy come the need for personal responsibility.