Monday, May 02, 2005

Campaign Progress

We've had a good couple of weeks of face to face campaigning, culminating yesterday with a blitz on the Cascades Rd area of the electorate. We leafleted, doorknocked, displayed signage, and held a stall - hopefully meaning that even the most docile local caught a glimpseof us at some stage!

The booths around Cascades have been pretty good for us in recent years, with Labour winning the Party vote by a small margin in the 2002 election.

The reception was very good, and even those who weren't naturally inclined to Labour were very friendly on the doorstep, and seemed to appreciate the effort we had made. With lots of young families in the area, we had a good chance to talk about education policy with people, and alert them to the consequences of the National policy for middle income areas. There were also some genuinely held concerns about drugs getting into local schools, an issue that I hadn't picked up on before.

Our door knocking campaign will be continuing on in this vein from now until election day. We're also about to start trying to set up 'cottage metings' across the electorate at which a group of people will come together at someones house for tea, bikkies, and a chat with the candidate. Not sure how the response to this will be, but one can only try!


Graham Watson said...

You're obviously so chuffed with your progress on the hustings you've posted twice?

Oliver said...

How's your campaign for MP going Graham ?

michael wood said...

Well our campaign is at least twice as visible as Maurice's, so I thought this should be reflected ;-)

Graham Watson said...

Haven't got a campaign Oliver, or even thought about going for selection. Far too busy and loving my work to give too much time to politics, other than a bit of local body stuff, some electorate activity and having fun commenting on blogs.

STC said...

Good going Michael. I have some time off work coming up, I might get out to Pakuranga and help you ;)