Thursday, June 09, 2005

H&P Times Today

Online attack on Labour dubbed an ‘embarrassing flop’

ATTEMPTS by National/ACT supporters to attack the government’s road building record have flopped embarrassingly, says Pakuranga Labour candidate Michael Wood.

His comment follows the leaking of the Employers and Manufacturers Association’s plan to post a website criticising Labour. The government responded by putting the facts about transport spending on the proposed site, Mr Wood said.

“Anyone interested in comparing the records of Labour and National on infrastructure investment can now go to

“This site shows that in 1999, the last year of the National government, there were $130.6 million of major state highway construction projects in Auckland.

This year, under Labour, it is up more than tenfold to $1.348 billion.

“Investment in transport infrastructure is an important issue for Pakuranga residents.

“I am proud to represent a government that is investing properly in this long neglected area.

“Labour is investing in New Zealand’s long-term social and economic infrastructure whereas National would fritter the money away on the electoral bribe of tax cuts.”


Oliver said...

Bravo Mike!!

Anonymous said...

So why do you need the Government to invest in this vital infrastructure out of cashflow? Did you buy your house on that basis? Betcha didn't, if you own one.

I hope you are telling all those good people of Pakuranga you meet when canvassing that Dr Michael Cullen introduced a CAPITAL GAINS TAX in his 2005 budget. yes he did...If you are going to be an honest politician you gotta tell the whole story, not just the bits of bling that attract you.

Isn't tax funding better aimed at immediate issues like cataracts, hip replacements and better teachers? Ignore the Bling of the budget. Think about it at the visceral level and you will form different conclusions. At least in the electorate you claim to represent I don't have to worry about you darkening the doorstep at parliament any time soon.

michael wood said...

Anonymous - do you think it would be more ethical to debt finance infrastructure development that we have been ignoring for 15 years, thus passing the costs on to our children?

What is the capital gains tax you speak of?

Anonymous said...

The options are not just debt or tax funding. And, what is equitable about a building a road that lasts 30 years out of this years taxation? Referring to my earlier point to yoiu about owning a house. Most take out a mortgage and are comfortable with the process - why is it wrong to do that to build long term infrastructure? Another sop to inter-generational equity could be congestion charges or other form of user charge. What is unenthical is Dr Cullen sitting on huge and continuing surpluses - that is money expropriated from taxpayers in excess of the government's requirements - he should give it back. The Capital Gains Tax Dr Cullen introduced is in the budget - you should read it. The tax is to be on UNREALISED gains on all overseas owned equity. See