Monday, July 25, 2005

It's September 17

Well, no surprises there. September 17 is in line with the PM's earlier statements that the government will go full term, and gives voters a good long run in to polling day.

Funnily enough, given all the carping about the date, I think that with 8 weeks notice, more advance warning has been given for this election than any in recent memory.

Anyway, I think that it's good for the date to be announced so that the phoney war can be brought to an end. With a formal campaign period commencing, all parties are going to have to start laying down exactly where they want to take the country, and voters will have adequate time to scrutinise the options.


spooks said...

Michael, good luck. I have worked campaigns alongside a number of candidates over the years, and I know it is hard work. But there is a lot of fun too. As you already know of course.

But as I say, good luck.

Cheezy said...

I second that. Have a good one, Michael.

michael wood said...

Thanks guys, much appreciated.

Good luck to any other candidates or campaign workers reading this too.