Saturday, August 20, 2005

Campaign Update

The past couple of weeks have seen our campaign in Pakuranga shift into top gear. Over the past couple of weeks we have:

- knocked on around 800 doors
- produced and then distributed 20 000 leaflets to our team of deliverers
- held several stalls in shopping areas meeting hundreds of locals
- accepted three invitations to speak to community groups
- made contact with around 20 large worksites with a view to holding meetings
- continued to expand our network of signage

And that's just the big stuff. With the official Labour campaign launch taking place at the Auckland townhall tomorrow we expect things to get even more frenetic. The final two weeks of the campaign will see our activities reach a peak.

It's all good fun and the response is great, but roll on September 18!

(The attached picture is of a group of very wet campaign helpers after an afternoon doorknocking in the Ennis Ave area).


Whaleoil said...

Shouldn't this read
- knocked on around 800 doors, had 750 slammed in face.
- produced and then distributed 20 000 leaflets to our team of deliverers, for 18000 of then to wind up in the recycle bin, probably would have been easier taking them to the dump myself.
- held several stalls in shopping areas meeting hundreds of locals, who largely ignored my whiney-assed union bleatings
- accepted three invitations to speak to community groups, becasue they were the only three I could bribe into inviting me.
- made contact with around 20 large worksites with a view to holding meetings....but will probably get blown off by the Tory bosses who don't want a bar of my socialist claptrap infecting their workers.
- continued to expand our network of signage, in the vain attempt that my stunning phot will attract at least 1 more vote.

spooks said...

... ... and already wanting it to all be over, hence Michael's roll on 18th.

Can't blame you. Did I ever tell you Michael, that my blogger name comes from what I did for a living. And can I tell you Michael, that telling lies, living lies, can be very exhausting. Very few people can keep it up for long. Helen is the expert. You haven't got it Michael, it would destroy you.

michael wood said...

Whaleoil, why the bitterness and negativity? I can only guess you must have some association with the ACT Party.

A far more interesting response for all concerned would have been to hear about your camapigning experience this year, or does that consist solely of sitting in front of your computer doing this?

Whaleoil said...

Actually Michael I have probably been involved in more campaigns than you have had hot dinners going back to the Muldoon days. You are probably not old enough to remember Muldoon. I certainly remember the hidings the union thugs used to give me if I dared to heckle at a Labour party meeting.
Blogging is the "new" heckling, cope with it.

My campaigning is also done in the blogosphere highlighting lies, falshoods and media bias.

I am not bitter nor negative I am semi retired at 36 and therefore have plenty of time to highlight, verify and expose.

You seem to be intelligent, yet you spout the party line, why don't you take off the rose-tinted glasses and check out the real world outside of labour Party propaganda notices.

Anonymous said...

Poor Michael, nobody is interested in him in Pakuranga.

The independent candidate has a higher profile than "Betrand Bargolias".

Xavier said...

Great pics, Michael! It was great to come out and canvass with you in the area - very warm reception. Hope to do it again.

Too Right said...

The photo is riveting (or nailing as you'll see below)

Labour Wood (has a nice timbre to it)

Yep, I think Labour is Wood

Anonymous said...

actually the independent candidate seems to have run completely out of puff....

Anonymous said...

Whaleoil said of Michael:

"You seem to be intelligent"

How will Michael take this coming from someone who - and there is scant other way of putting this - comes across as completely thick, as well as embittered?

Anonymous said...

..." actually the independent candidate seems to have run completely out of puff...."

I have seen the hapless independent candidate seven times in the last month, twice at my house, and five times at the two big shopping centres in the electorate.

That is seven more times then the Labour candidate and his teenybopper volunteers.

Williamson will walk in. And National will win the party vote in the electorate too.

Anonymous said...

Crikey Michael, you seem to have the angry old biddies all up in a tizz over here.

I wonder why they see fit to waste their time on someone as useless as you. Actually I think they must be a little worried about you. Trying to put you off your stride.

Well don’t stop doing what you are doing. You came to my door the other day, I was a 38 year old stay at home Mum. Thank you for the advice, I looked into that policy you mentioned and agree with you now. I will be giving my vote to Labour this time.

I am sorry there are so many angry people visiting you here. I wish they would get a life and grow up. I think you are doing a good job in our neighbourhood.

Cheezy said...

Blimey, at last a comment on this thread that doesn't sound like it's been tapped out by some paunchy bloke sitting there in his undies, hopped up on too much Bushell's instant coffee and listening to Leighton Smith on the radio! Welcome and thanks for raising the tone, Anonymous!

spooks said...

And thanks, Cheezy for bringing it back down again.

pleased to be teenybopper said...

"and his teenybooper voluteers"

Thank's anonymous, at not to far this side of forty your compliment kindly accepted.
How fortunate for you to have seen the independant candidate seven times. I on the other hand have only had ever seen him on a billboard. Sad to say the same can be said for the incumbent Mr Williamson.

spooks said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
spooks said...

not too far this side of forty ... ...

Anonymous said...

so what is everyone picking??
1st williamson
2nd baron
3rd wood
or will wood get 2nd??

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt Michael will be first or second.

Anonymous said...

I think the Labour Party vote will fall, and the candidate vote will drop too. Bertrand will be lucky to run a poor second.

I think it's quite embarassing that a no-name independent with no network has a higher profile than the Labour candidate Michael Wood.

Then again the lack of support Labour is receiving may be a reflection on the inexperience of the 24-year-old candidate who is up against experienced campaigners, with real-world experience.

Second best.

Anonymous said...

Does Steve Baron have a higher profile than Dick Quax?

michael wood said...

I don't waste my time making predictions. We simply work as hard as we can and leave it to the voters.

I'm pleased with how our campaign is going so far and would again recommend that the armchair critics give real world campaigning a go for themselves.

Thanks also to 38 year old mum for your feedback :-)

spooks said...

Don't I get a thank you for my feedback?

Whaleoil said...

I notice that the 38 year old Mum has the same name as your erstwhile supporter Anonymous...I wonder....Hmmm...perhaps they are the same person.

Also to Anonymous, I can understand why you would consider that I am thick I do wiegh 100kgs after all and could do with losing a few kilos, but to resort to personal denigration clearly shows you have run out of any clear rational arguments much the same as your party.

Rob Good said...

Unfortunatly you are like a dog trying to f*ck a football. You have the right idea but you are on the wrong topic. Labour is not the place to be buddy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, your signs aren't authorised! You'll have to remove the picture!

At least they are the only campaign item that is not paid for by the taxpayer!

Rob Good said...

You are still waisting you time Michael.