Thursday, August 25, 2005

Today's Howick & Pakuranga Times

Order in one’s home first

AS a candidate with Christian beliefs I was offended by Ewen McQueen’s comments (Times, August 23) that Labour is “anti-Christian”.

As Pastor Ian Buckley says in the article, there are “multiple opinions among Bible-believing Christians”. Mr McQueen’s comment suggests a narrow fundamentalist outlook that is intolerant of anyone who comes up with views different to his.

I am proud of the principled stands that the Labour government has made against the proliferation of nuclear weapons, against participating in the immoral Iraq war, and against the scourge of child poverty in our country.

Labour’s policies have seen child poverty fall from one in three children to among the lowest in the developed world.

These are policies that reflect my Christian beliefs.

Coming from a party formerly led by the disgraced Graham Capill, Mr McQueen should be careful about using the political stage to lecture people about morals.

The Bible I know tells us we should keep our own houses in order rather than jumping to judgment against others.

Michael Wood,
Labour candidate for Pakuranga

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spooks said...

Fair enough, Michael, your have legitimate beliefs. And beliefs are sacrosanct.

As for mine, I didn't like very much Saddam Hussain's contributions to the deaths of up to two million people, and his invasions of three of his neighbouring countries, nor the likelihood that the Iraqi nightmare would have been passed on by lineage to his murderous son.

But of course to some, none of then counts. They were only heathens, and Christians don't count the heathen deaths.