Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Blogger

Have a look at single malt social democrat

Carl is a friend of mine, with a tinder dry sense of humour whose blog will be well worth watching. I think he is going to blog on a combination of political issues and book reviews.


Peter Bickle said...

Hi red
You don't live in Mt Roskill anymore. Since homo Helen and her mob allowed the building of he Mosque you now live in Mt Mosqueill.
Adolf Powell

Oliver said...

Another new blog is
It's centre right and the first real post is on law and order.

Span said...

You really are queen of the blog whores oliver. :-P

Is it working?

Porcupine said...

Phil is dog tucker in 18 months time.

Shawn said...

There is no such thing as "progressive" Christianity. There are people calling themselves Christians and advocating the failed policies of totalitarian socialism and sympathy for Islamic terrorists, but these sad creatures are just deeply confused and morally compromised, not "progressive".