Sunday, January 23, 2005

Campaign Underway

Residents on Pakuranga Rd between the Shopping Centre and Lloyd Elsmore Park yesterday became the first victims of our campaign to keep Pakuranga voting Labour.

Our team of leafletters has been militaristically mobilised and began a significant distribution across the electorate. Leafletting yesterday evening was about as pleasant as it gets and it was a nice way to formally get our campaign underway.

Although it's pretty early in the year, my feeling is that it's always beneficial to make the early running and establish our campaign in people's minds as the one that is actually out there getting active.

If last time is anything to go by we won't have much competition in that department. While out leafletting in central Howick in the dying days of the 2002 campaign I came across a bloke doing the same for Maurice. We had a pleasant chat and I asked him how long he'd been involved with the Nats. "Oh no, I'm not political at all, I'm just from the local Scout group and we get paid to do this". Amazing - in what was not long ago the second safest National seat in the country, the local organisation wasn't even up to delivering it's own leaflets!

The real flesh pressing stuff on the main street of Howick begins next weekend...

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