Saturday, January 22, 2005

Oh for Free to Air

Only a brief comment today, and that is to mourn the loss of free to air coverage of major sporting events.

Today of course is the first One dayer between the Black Caps and a Rest of the World team made up of a number of also rans, and a number of brilliant players. A daft mate of mine and I had planned to go down to Hamilton to watch it, until we checked yesterday and realised it was in Christchurch. We're not that dedicated.

Anyway, I have always said that the one thing that might ever might make me vote New Zealand First if I ever had a frontal lobotomy and was only able to focus on one thing at a time, would be their policy to bring all major sporting events back to free-to-air television.

Not entirely sure of the practicalities of this, but I just think it would be grand to watch the game today.


span said...

at least ten years ago i rashly promised to vote for whoever made that exact promise... luckily the Alliance made it too, so I haven't had to vote for Winston First. Phew.

STC said...

When I was at school the thing they were asking for was equal coverage for Women's sport, for instance in the fields of Netball, Soccer and Hockey.