Thursday, March 10, 2005

Back on deck

Honeymooning in Vietnam over the last few weeks has kept me away from blogging duties. An extrapolation on our fascinating trip can be found on Mrs Bargolias' blog. Suffice to say that the country was beautiful, the history mindblowing, the food exquisite, and the people enchanting. Go there!

Some quick observations after catching up on the news of the last month:

- Although many of his comments about NCEA are misleading and hollow, Bill English is the only opposition spokesperson capable of delivering a competent attack against the government - maybe they should try him as leader... oh wait...

- my earlier predictions about National's internal disunity becoming increasingly evident have been borne out. This is a direct result of Brash's political naivety.

- The push for a 5% wage rise, led by the EPMU, has gained some real political and popular momentum. The parties of the right expose their real agenda by opposing this modest increase for ordinary working families.

- The cricketers!!!! Thought we were going to be beaten, but didn't see that coming.

Our campaign in Pakuranga changes up a gear this month, with door-knocking starting this weekend.


Greg Stephens said...

congradulations of the wedding!

Cricket- Australia should be forced to play state teams rather than a national team. that would be a lot fairer on the rest of the world.

and good luck for the campaign!

stef said...

congratulations. Are you sure the other half would be happy about you calling her Mrs?

span said...

you tell him Stef!

Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Hey guys,

Just finally clicked - I wish you all the every best for the past happy nuptials and a wonderful life together. Well done!

sagenz said...

It took me another few weeks to click mr comfy chair. Congraulations. Marriage is just like a Labour government ;)